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How the Decision to Implement ClickUp Optimized Pigment’s Onboarding Operations

By Nikhil Sonawane - September 03, 2022 5 Mins Read

The market and employee demands are evolving; enterprises need effective workflows in place to streamline onboarding operations. Enterprises today are exploring opportunities to upgrade their IT infrastructure with advanced onboarding tools to make new hires productive quickly. 

After securing USD 73 million in a series B funding round led by led by Silicon Valley’s Greenoaks with participation from all series A investor in 2021, Pigment aimed to expand its business planning platform in the US and Europe -a platform that empowers enterprises with more visibility into their business to make strategic decisions.

As the business scaled, Pigment’s employee size tripled in just two quarters. With such rapid growth, the company aimed to streamline cross-functional workflow and recruit new talent quickly. However, the new and rising numbers were posing a challenge on many levels. There was the issue of training newer team members and then ensuring a smooth and fast onboarding to not lose any operations time.   The team not only aimed to onboard faster but also to make the new resources productive right away, to hit the road running. It was a challenge for the organization to manage, centralize and streamline the communications and data flow for new hires for a globally scaling enterprise. But done well, this would make all the difference to their efficient operations planning. The management was clear about this significance, “Those first impressions for a new hire really matter — especially when you want them to kick off their new role as productively as possible,”  says Richard McGuinness, VP of Sales EMEA at ClickUp.

Challenges of pigment to streamline onboarding

Pigment earlier had a static content repository (Notion), but it was not action-oriented. Additionally, they also had Slack for async communication, but it resulted in various silos and added a lot of manual work. Each time they needed to create a new task, they had to add the topic, owner, due dates, and guidelines. There were higher chances of missing out on crucial information. Because the team was unsure if the message delivered would be readable or actionable for the receiver. To overcome this gap, they required a tool that could help them to store, share and process documents with actions attached to them.

“We were looking for a modern and easy-to-use interface that allowed us to find that perfect blend of documentation & project management. We also wanted to work with the best companies in the industry,” says Alexis Valentin, Global Head of Business Development at Pigment. 

Reaching out to ClickUp

While evaluating all the comprehensive productivity platform providers in the market for a robust tool to transform work and information flow, Pigment started evaluating solutions and partners to streamline its work processes. After comparing all the possible options in the pre-implement R&D, ClickUp had more weightage because of its user-friendliness and API capabilities. Moreover, ClickUp offered the services at a competitive price in the market with advanced automation features. Pigment chose ClickUp because it is a powerful, flexible, and cost-effective platform.

Implementing the solution

Pigment implemented ClickUp when their employee size was only 30 and grew to nearly 150. The company deployed the platform in patches as per the business requirements. They ingrained the platform in the sales operation first because their other teams used other tools like Jira. Other teams also used the tool while interacting with the sales team to understand the interface. After the implementation of ClickUp in end-to-end business processes, Pigment eliminated the need for emails by nearly 50%. Moreover, there was a substantial decrease in the number of Slack messages as well.

The most significant improvement was that there was no information loss while transferring data or tasks. Pigment employees could organize their day better by prioritizing tasks. Additionally, its integration of ClickUp into the IT infrastructure helped them to streamline collaboration between team members, consultants, and freelancers. Pigment witnessed 20% increased efficiency in the internal and external team communication, post implementation of the tool.

Furthermore, the company also aimed to accelerate the onboarding process and improve the training processes to make the new hires productive sooner. Pigment leveraged the onboarding template features of ClickUp to set mandatory tasks for new hires, like every query would be resolved in real-time. Implementation of ClickUp became the basis to automate various onboarding aspects, grant access to authorized users, and assign tasks to ensure a seamless onboarding process.

“So whether it’s just a couple or a few hundred new employees at once, ClickUp can help automate the process with all the necessary onboarding tasks, docs, and a birds-eye view for hiring managers to check in on progress,” adds Richard McGuinness.

Post-implementation perks

After integrating ClickUp, Pigment now has one source of truth for collaboration between teams across the entire organization and has seen some pretty impressive results post-implementation.

The company was able to increase the onboarding efficiency by approximately 88% and accelerate the onboarding process to help the employees deliver results faster.

“Yes, we are more modern with ClickUp. We give new employees the autonomy to manage tasks and the capacity to ask questions in a secure environment with this tool,” Alexis Adds.

ClickUp is transforming Pigment’s daily operations enabling businesses to plan, organize and collaborate seamlessly. Pigment witnessed a nearly 83% reduction in the time taken to fix bugs, which resulted in winning back two days on a 30-day onboarding process.

The company leverages ClickUp to develop its CRM, Salesforce, and it is becoming the foundation of all internal projects. Pigment doesn’t use the tool for the core operations to directly deliver impact; the tool enables the business to monitor the daily operations and ensure business continuity always.

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