How OGL Computer helped Thompson Insurance to seamlessly migrate to the Cloud platform

How OGL Computers helped Thompson Insurance to seamlessly migrate to the Cloud platform

With an extensive portfolio of insurance services, Thompson Insurance is a family run business offering a range of insurance services to businesses across the UK in multiple industry sectors. The company specializes in offering bespoke, insurance services tailored towards its every client’s needs.

But the enforcement of lockdown earlier this year was impacting the company’s business operations. It meant that all of Thompson Insurance’s staff, which was working on a legacy system, required the remote working model in place to continue the business operation.

Moving to a Cloud-based Model

To address its issue of working with legacy systems, Thompson Insurance took the decision of migration to the cloud. This would ensure seamless working for all operations, even in times of lockdown. They chose OGL Computer to move its operation to a cloud platform so that Thompson’s employees can work remotely without compromising its business operations.

Phil Gardner, IT and Telecom Solution Consultants at OGL Computer, says, “The main advantage of moving to the cloud is flexibility. Being able to access your business remotely, which became a consideration during the lockdown, means you are always able to deal with customer queries from wherever you are, at any time.”

“Cloud-based solutions also mean your business has less reliance on hardware on-site, so your staff can work remotely, but it is also more efficient as there are no costs incurred for any spare capacity, expensive equipment, paying on-site expert staff and system upgrades.”

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OGL Computer ventured out to clear and transparent milestones on what steps need to be taken and how. Adam Thompson, Development Manager at Thompson Insurance says, “It was a daunting decision to move from our traditional server environment to the cloud, but OGL Computer made the process simple and provided reassurance throughout.

They also highlighted the potential pitfalls and how to overcome them as well as all the positives for making a move, which helped us make an informed decision. At the end, it was right for both our company and clients.”

The Initial Struggles

Migrating to the cloud-based environment fundamentally changes the infrastructure of an enterprise. Readiness for this major transformation was a definite challenge. Also, since Thompson Insurance had already planned to relocate, the initial hurdle in OGL Computer’s path was to identify which cloud solution will be suitable for Thompson Insurance.

Another hurdle in implementing was to make the cloud-based solution only accessible to the clients and that no one else can view customer documents or internal business information. Since security is a major consideration when it comes to storing the company’s critical data in the cloud, OGL recommended Thompson Insurance to adopt to its full-scope of cloud services.

Before embarking on the cloud implementation journey, OGL Computer set out to identify the advantages, risks, and best strategies for quickly and efficiently migrating all services and processes.

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OGL Computer’s cloud solution ensured that Thompson Insurance received everything necessary, promptly, and within a reasonable budget. “Compatibility is perhaps the only disadvantage of a move to the cloud.

For example, two implementations of the same service may not have been created in the same way or with the same interface, so they might store and offer access to data in different ways. This is why it is better to use a CSP than several different solutions from various vendors,” says Phil.

Implementing the Necessary Tools

Following Thompson Insurance’s office move, OGL Computer put structured cabling support for the new cloud-based solutions into the new office. Streamlining business processes requires a bullet-proof infrastructure to avoid any connectivity issues or downtime.

Hence, OGL Computer thoroughly tested the new line provision to ensure it provided fast and reliable internet access. Lastly, the company liaised with third-party companies to ensure the solution was delivered correctly.

Benefiting from Cloud Adoption

“The biggest advantage was that we didn’t have to furlough any of our staff as they were all able to keep working from home,” says Adam. He further adds, “This enabled us also to offer our staff more flexibility to manage their workloads around family commitments.

This flexible working also meant that we could deliver an even higher standard of service to our customers as the entire team could respond to client queries outside normal working hours.”

Moving to the cloud has helped Thompson Insurance to become more robust and flexible. Adam says, “It has given us the opportunity to reflect on how we can better deliver a service to our customers as well how to best treat our staff.”

The novel approach that Thompson Insurance has adopted, which enabled it to retain over 97% of its customers throughout the pandemic. Adam believes that it has been the ability to deliver exceptional service that was enabled by Thompson Insurance to achieve its retention rate.

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