EHR-integrated Patient Engagement Software helps Lake Washington Physical Therapy

Patient Engagement Software, Lake Washington

Using a patient engagement solution by integrating patient texting with EHR, Lake Washington Physical Therapy Clinic has been able to reduce wait time, boost patient capacity and induce a saving of $15,000 a year

Lake Washington Physical Therapy saw an increasing number of patients that are employees of big tech companies. With locations across Washington State, Oregon and Seattle, the organization felt the need to provide mobile-first user experience for the tech-savvy patient base.

Opened in 2010, Lake Washington Physical Therapy had a large number of athletes and recreation enthusiasts visiting them, and the organization soon became famous for personalized and patient-centered care. The staff would spend a lot of time on administrative tasks like using e-mail and phone calls, with only 30% and 10% response rates, respectively. This caused significant challenges to deliver care.

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There was a requirement of an integrated engagement platform to send reminders to take that pressure off the staff and reduce their time spent in making calls. Lake Washington switched to an innovative patient engagement platform provided by Luma Health.

By integrating the engagement platform with EHR, the organization could program and schedule automated outreach to patients and remind them about their appointments. The platform also allowed to quickly fill canceled slots and reschedule new ones. Since all this was done via text messaging, it was also convenient for customers to easily reply and confirm an appointment.

With this change, Lake Washington noticed a huge improvement in patient satisfaction. Later the solution evolved into a comprehensive patient engagement solution. The organization also used to optimize the number of patients one therapist see a day. With the admin staff having access to features like automated appointment reminders, they did not need to make an average of 10 calls to fill one cancellation. The platform helps the patients to remember to show up for their visit and also automatically fills in any open slots. This has led to a drastic cut down on wait times and much faster care delivery.

With the help of this solution, the twenty therapists across the four offices of Lake Washington Physical Therapy serve 3,500 patients every month. After leveraging the software, the patient capacity increased from 68% to 89%, and the revenue grew by an additional $15,000 every year. After deploying the text message-based appointment reminders, the patient cancellation rates have also fallen by a third to 4%. Automating patient wait lists today allow filling 75% of cancellations in less than two days.

With automatic review requests being sent to patients, the organization has become more proactive and capture real-time feedback. The clinic’s Net Promoter Scores, as well as online reviews, continue to trend in a positive direction.

At Lake Washington Physical Therapy Clinic, customer experience is essential and the total patient engagement technology now allows healthcare providers to put the patient’s best interest first.

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