Daimler Asks EU Antitrust Regulators to Investigate Nokia Patents


Daimler has filed a complaint to EU antitrust regulators about Nokia patents. Both companies are the providers of technologies used in the navigation system and self-driving cars for the auto industry.

Increasingly, automotive technology companies are collaborating with mobile telecoms providers with their technologies being used in navigation systems, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and self-driving cars. However, there are always issues of co-operability.

“We want clarification on how essential patents for telecommunications standards are to be licensed in the automotive industry,” the carmaker said in a statement. “Fair and non-discriminatory access to these standards for all users of the essential patents for telecommunications standards is a key prerequisite for the development of new products and services for connected driving.”

The European Commission has received a complaint by Daimler against Nokia, and they are looking to hear from both sides,” EU spokesperson Ricardo Cardoso said in an email. Immediately after the complaint, Nokia responded by saying Daimler was seeking to side step taking out licences.

“We offer a wide range of options for automakers, including through their tier 1 suppliers, Daimler has resisted taking a licence to the Nokia inventions it is already using,” Nokia spokesman Mark Durrant said. “Daimler’s allegations are not new; they are continuing since long to avoid taking a licence.”

There were patent issues between Apple and Samsung in the past, and this patent complaint against Nokia is a similar move in the auto industry, analysts said.

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