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IT Processes That Will Benefit from Automation

By ET Bureau - January 25, 2019 3 Mins Read

Adopting automation for processes can ensure efficiencies, reduce human errors, and free up valuable resources for better jobs. So what are the areas that will benefit from automation in an enterprise?

CRM:  since improving customer experience is a top priority for most CIOs globally, ensuring its efficiency is a good start. Also, a recent survey of customer service teams run by DigitalGenius, 80% said that 20% of their tickets were highly repetitive, and could be easily resolved by automated bots. Virtual agents and chatbots can provide extremely efficient, real-time service, strengthening CRM immensely. This will also save staff costs, especially that working in shifts.

HR: the same logic can be applied for internal teams as well, and the process human resource management can be made smarter, more efficient and agile, using automation systems. It can help more complex tasks such as candidates’ assessment or working on mundane tasks such as recruitment, video intervening phone screens, and scheduling interviews. It can also help in calculating leave benefits. If integrated with the time system, it can work out the value of accrued vacation time when employees leave.

Payments: reimbursements and employee payments can be handled by automated processes- tracking mileage for travel claims and hotel rentals- all these internal payment processes can be easily automated and tools for these are already available in the market. According to estimates shared by McKinsey, 27 percent of finance activities could be automated, and almost 35 % of those can use RPA.

IT and IT Security Operations: Automation can make the IT teams much more responsive and efficient. In most organizations, IT teams spend more than half their time on operations, maintenance and fixing problems. With their skills, they could be looking at innovation for better efficiency. “IT professionals themselves believe that almost 20% their current daily tasks could be automated by intelligent automation and AI,” says James Dening, vice president for Europe of robotic process automation platform Automation Anywhere.

This could include software or hardware installations, file and folder management, server monitoring, Active Directory management, the user on and off-boarding, or batch processing.”

The McKinsey study mentioned above also suggests that 40 to 80 percent of the service desk tickets could be automated with RPA.

Conditional access automation and strategic automation that will selectively allow access to resources can be completely automated, and has the added advantage of machine learning, to improve security screening efficiencies.

Testing: as an important part of Dev-ops, automation enables testing speeds and accuracy. Its ability to do repetitive tasks allows accuracy on a loop.  Containerization allows for creating of disposable environments that really facilitate development and testing at higher velocities. While this can reduce weeks or months of testing time to a few minutes, it’s the culture change that will take longer.


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