U.S. Senator for Ban on Social Media for Hate Speech, Pushing Data Portability

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U.S. Senator Mark Warner, who backed the legislation to ban deceptive practices by social media companies, is pushing additional bills aimed at limiting hate speech and allowing users to move their data across platforms.

The regulation could focus on data portability and hate speech which gives social media users the right to carry take their data to other sites, and transparency about what is on the other side of an internet conversation, Warner said.

Republican Senator Deb Fischer to introduce a bill to restrict online platforms like Facebook Inc or Alphabet Inc’s Google from misleading people into leaking personal data to companies or otherwise misleading them.

Data collection is an essential factor for social media companies since they gather and collect information about their users to sell advertisements, a key source of profit.

“I want technology to stay. I want the social media platforms to stay, but I do think the days of the Wild Wild West where anything goes, people just aren’t going to allow it.” Warner said.