Subex to Partner with Telefónica for Cybersecurity Venture

Subex, Telefonica, Cybersecurity

Telecom analytics provider Subex has announced a partnership with Telefónica a cybersecurity venture focussing on IoT Security. This partnership will be realized through an IoT cybersecurity unit launched by Telefónica recently.

The new IoT unit will leverage Telefónica’s existing network infrastructure and the Kite Platform, an IoT connectivity management platform that allows businesses to improve efficiencies while reducing costs. The new partnership extends to analysis of the data traffic generated by IoT devices, and detection of specific threats in the cyber field.

“Cybersecurity has become one of the companies’ priorities. We are seeing the emergence of a culture around security that is sensitive to processes, strategies, and methods designed to minimize risks while increasing value. This collaboration with Subex represents a step forward in our strategy of helping companies protect their investments, assets, and credibility”, said Pedro Pablo Pérez, CEO of ElevenPaths and VP of Global Security at Telefónica.

“Amidst all kinds of attacks by cybercriminals and other groups, we want to protect the ecosystem and ensure that IoT projects deliver value,” said Vinod Kumar, Managing Director, and CEO, Subex.

In addition to this partnership, Subex has adapted part of its generic cybersecurity solutions to IoT, such as SandaS, for the management of GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) capacities, or cyber-threats for the early detection and identification of internet threats.

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