Huawei to Develop Broadband Network in Hungary


Hungary’s Finance Minister Mihaly Varga has said that his country considers China’s Huawei Technologies as a strategic IT partner.

While meeting with a senior Huawei executive in Beijing, Varga was quoted saying “Huawei would help Hungary develop its broadband internet network and meet its goal of high-speed internet access for 90% of families by 2025, as per an earlier agreement.”

Recently, during the 5G auction in Germany, the government of US claimed that the Chinese government could use Huawei technologies’ products for spying, posing a threat to national security. Although the Chinese tech giant has repeatedly denied allegations that its technology could be used for spying, many countries in the world have been agreeable with the US stance.

Romania’s Special Telecommunications Service (STS) has said, “Huawei equipment was not used in any of the state’s critical infrastructure under its administration.”

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