Samsung SDS Releases Nexledger Universal

Samsung SDS, Nexledger Universal

Samsung SDS, an IT subsidiary of tech giant Samsung Group, has announced the launch of Nexledger Universal, the next version of its enterprise Blockchain platform Nexledger.

Nexledger offers organizations to take control of distributed transactions securely. The platform is implemented in various fields such as finance, manufacturing, logistics, and the public sector. Nexledger Universal provides standard API that is commonly applied to Samsung SDS NCA and general blockchains such as Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum.

The new version performs faster and has improved security functions by applying “white box cryptography technology.” It would allow customers to reduce the time and resources required for securing Blockchain developers and verifying the technology.

“We plan to expand our cloud-based blockchain platform by registering Nexledger Universal on other cloud marketplaces,” said Jeanie Hong, Senior Vice President, leader of Blockchain Center of Samsung SDS.