Oracle Adds AI Sourced Data Brand DataFox to its Cloud Suite

Oracle, DataFox

DataFox has expanded the reach of its AI-sourced and managed data applications, extending its global coverage by 30%, and is being acquired by Oracle.

The addition of a clean data provider brand has added big value to the Oracle Cloud’s complete suite of integrated enterprise applications.

With this marriage, Datafix, now Oracle DataFox will ensure organizations get clean, accurate and enriched data that powers AI and machine learning capabilities.  The powerful AI data engine can help regularly refresh data and identify irregularities.

“As organizations apply machine learning to core business processes, the quality of data being transfer to algorithms is the important factor that determines the value of AI results,” said Bastiaan Janmaat, former CEO of DataFox and now vice president of Product Management at Oracle. “We built our smart data platform for the AI era and will continue to extend the capabilities beyond sales and marketing to include company-level data for use cases in finance, HR and supply chain.”

“Stagnant data sitting unchanged in sales and marketing systems and low-quality public data sources threaten ROI and reduce the effectiveness of AI deployments,” said Clive Swan, senior vice president of Applications Development, Oracle. “DataFox is a key element in Oracle’s AI strategy and will help customers gain more value from the AI embedded in Oracle Cloud Applications. We will include more integrations across the entire suite of cloud applications to further enhance AI capabilities across finance, human resources, and supply chain.”

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