Nyansa Extends AI-Driven IoT Security to the Cloud

Nyansa, AI, IoT, Security, Cloud

Nyansa is extending its Voyance cloud-based application assurance service to IoT security and management.

Introduced on 15th April, Voyance IoT can automatically organize and analyze the behavior of industrial and business IoT devices. It discovers and creates an inventory of IoT devices; measures baseline network performance for risk assessment and detects glitches that might indicate an attack underway.

“The new service is an expansion of Nyansa’s existing business of using network and application monitoring to optimize user experience for enterprise applications. We provide network analytics, we tend to work with large companies with lots of data,” David Callisch, Nyansa marketing ambassador stated.

Voyance provides security enforcement to restrict access to malicious devices. It ensures policy adherence through micro-segmentation, which detects root cause problems in devices and provides operational insights tracking utilization, risk, and performance.

“The devices are so new and coming on so fast, a lot of times what’s needed to manage and secure those devices is not known to the guys who manage them,” Srinivas, Co-founder of Nyansa said.