Microsoft’s Chromium Edge Browser Leaked Online

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Microsoft’s upcoming Chromium-powered Edge browser has leaked online. Download links for the browser have been posted to file sharing sites and popular beta sharing forums. This appears to be an early version; Microsoft had planned to roll out a public version soon.

Download links for Microsoft’s Chromium Edge browser are rolling out on beta forums and file sharing websites. Reuters reported the version that has leaked online is an early build of the version.

The developing beta includes features like support for Chrome extensions, synchronizing of favorites, and some custom changes to the user interface. There is no support for linking with a stylus or Microsoft’s set aside tabs feature for that matter. The dark mode can only be enabled with a testing flag.

“When you first install the Chromium version of Edge, Microsoft will prompt you to import favorites, passwords, and browsing history from Chrome or Edge depending on your default choices,” Gadgets 360 reported.

Microsoft said last year that not only is it shifting the web engine for the browser to Chrome, it will also be releasing the final version of the new Edge on Mac.

“Most of the user interface of the browser is a mix of Chrome and Edge, and Microsoft has tried to add a bit modification,” Verge reported. It is unclear when the software giant will release the official version of the browser.

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