Microsoft Announces the Open Manufacturing Platform with BMW

Microsoft, BMW

Car manufacturers are investing heavily to develop the next generation of automotive manufacturing technology that will provide the latest features in their products. The Open manufacturing Platform is one such innovation, created by the collaboration between BMW and Microsoft’s Azure.

The OMP provides a single open platform that liberates data from legacy industrial assets, standardizes data models for efficient data correlation, and enables manufacturers to share their data with ecosystem partners in a secure way, allowing others to benefit from their insights. With pre-built industrial use cases and reference designs, community members are working together to address common industry challenges while maintaining ownership over their data. BMW has 3,000 machines running on Azure cloud, IoT and AI services in its existing robots and in-factory autonomous transport systems. It said it would be contributing some of the technology that it had already built, into the group as part of the effort.

“Microsoft is collaborating with the BMW Group to transform digital production efficiency across the industry,” Scott Guthrie, executive vice president, Microsoft Cloud, and AI Group, said.

The collaboration is a significant step for tech companies to find a common way forward in the future of computing in the automotive industry.

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