More than half of UK’s Employees Not Aware of ‘Digital Transformation’

Digital Transformation

The UK Workplace Survey report reveals that 37% of the employees do not know the meaning of ‘digital transformation’, while 20% misinterpret the term.

Almost 60% of the employees in the United Kingdom are not sure of what changes are happening in their companies at the tech front. Only 23% of the employees view their businesses as early adopters or innovators.

This data is revealed in The UK Workplace Survey report that was conducted by YouGov, a global public opinion and data company, along with Cherwell Software solutions, on employees of 500 companies, across various industries in the United Kingdom.

The data also shows that 64% of employers only adopt new technology once it enters the mainstream. When  12% of employees believing that digital transformation is just about having a paperless office, the reason could well be that people in leadership positions aren’t communicating enough with their employees. “It’s obvious that not enough time is being devoted to communicating with employees to develop their understanding and involvement in the process of digital transformation. Unless business leaders bring their teams along with them on this journey, British organizations are likely to fail, and our ability to compete in the global market place will be severely compromised,” said Oliver Krebs, Vice President of EMEA Sales for Cherwell. The fact that 38% of employees believe that their company is ‘poor’ at handling technological change, speaks louder about the communication gap.

As far as adoption of AI is concerned, 34% of all employees were quite cynical about adoption of technology. The interesting  part?  21% were actually threatened by it. Only 21% of employees in the survey were positive about AI and the way their companies were accepting and integrating it.

For data integration too, the survey revealed that only 6% of businesses have their data and processes well integrated across all departments. Over 40% have not completely integrated inter-departmental data and processes.

When it comes to security policies, the situation is not very encouraging either. Employees’ trust on cyber-security policies adopted by the companies is low. Only 17% believe that their company would be able to ‘effectively’ deal with a major data breach.

Since this research focuses on the workforce point of view, its findings support the 2018 Dell Digital Transformation Index that placed the UK in 17th place in its adoption of digital transformation.

The report concludes that this low rate of digital transformation and the adoption of technologies around it may be because it is pigeonholed as an IT issue, whereas in reality, it should be an initiative that involves everyone across the departments, boards, and businesses.

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