Hiretual Launches Enterprise Focused Consolidated Talent Pipeline

Hiretual, Web

Hiretual’s AI-powered Intelligent Talent Pipeline consolidates the top of the recruiting funnel, fusing passive candidate sourcing data from the open web, Applicant Tracking Systems, and resume databases to deliver the ‘Holy Grail’ in passive recruiting technology for HR teams. The brand today launched Intelligent Talent Pipeline™, a consolidated talent pipeline for the enterprise – a market first. Hiretual’s Intelligent Talent Pipeline consolidates and fuses all talent pools – combining data from a company’s internal systems with passive candidate sourcing data from the open web – to automatically deliver the best-fit candidates to a company’s hiring pipeline.

Talent data sources have been very fragmented and isolated from each other with no single source pipeline, which makes the process of identifying, engaging and recruiting passive candidates extremely manual and inefficient. The lack of a single source pipeline also makes it very difficult for Talent Acquisition (TA) teams to mine their past applicant database or their internal employee databases for internal roles and career mobility within the enterprise.

“Talent acquisition to date has been very transactional, with candidates going from job posting to hire. The Hiretual Intelligent Talent Pipeline creates an intelligent, closed-loop system that continuously learns and gets better, constantly rediscovers, and actively integrates with all other enterprise functions within HR,” said Steven Jiang, CEO, and co-founder of Hiretual. “The launch of Intelligent Talent Pipeline delivers the ‘Holy Grail’ in recruiting technology for HR teams, transforming talent acquisition from data-driven to intelligence-driven.”

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