Conga Unveils New AI Engine

Conga, AI Analyze

Conga, a provider of Digital Document solutions, announced the launch of Conga AI Analyze.

The new product leverages machine learning and AI to unlock actionable business insights from digital documents and contracts.

“Everyday documents — including contracts — are the lifeblood of modern business, but organizations struggle to turn the information hidden within them into insights that propel their businesses forward,” said Doug Rybacki, Chief Technology Officer at Conga.

“When used in conjunction with the Conga Suite, AI Analyze enables organizations to analyze, organize and manage all of the key information in their contracts to accelerate the contract negotiation process and close deals faster than ever before.”

Conga’s AI Analyze allows the companies to integrate AI to discover the power of documents. In minimum time, clients can analyze their contracts to identify and act on crucial information, eliminating time-intensive manual tasks associated with daily paperwork.