HID Announces the Authentication Service on the Cloud

HID Global

HID Global, a secure identity product company, announced the new HID Authentication
Service, which is part of its cloud identity platform. This service enables users to get access
to on-premises or cloud-hosted LDAP-based applications and IT infrastructure, which are
designed to deliver a suite of identity solutions.

As the California Privacy Regulation, the GDPR, and the PSD2, HID become more stringent, it
is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to meet the security compliance for user
access, without too much trouble. With no other way out, they often resort to deploying a
bunch of disparate identity solutions whether on-premise, cloud or hybrid. Very often, these
do not work well together to provide adequate security or the necessary authentication to
meet compliance needs.

Organizations then face complexity, IT overhead and organizational confusion. The solutions
used in this environment often do not scale or comply with regulatory requirements either.
This new HID Service helps companies fight this complexity. The authentication solution
provides multifactor authentication to a growing and diverse population of users. It also
offers centralized audit logs to simplify compliance capabilities and reduce the burden of

“HID Global continues to grow with the addition of new IAM services, expanding the
offering with a unifying technology platform for our millions of users,” said Brad Jarvis, Vice
President & Managing Director of Identity & Access Management Solutions with HID Global.

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