Google Unveils a Cloud Services Platform ‘Anthos’


‘Anthos’ allows users to manage workloads running on third-party clouds services like AWS, Amazon and Microsoft Azure

Google has announced a new open platform called Anthos to run and manage apps from anywhere. Anthos, a cloud based services platform, allows customers to run applications on their own data centres and it allows users to build, run and manage their workloads.

“Anthos not only allows customers to deploy Google Cloud in their own data centres but also gives them the flexibility to build, run and manage their workloads within their data centre, on Google Cloud, or Multi-Cloud, without making any changes,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud.

Google has also announced integrations with up to 30 hardware, software and system integration partners – including Cisco, VMware, Dell EMC, HPE, Intel, Lenovo and others. At the moment, Anthos only supports AWS and Azure cloud platforms and does not support integration with IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud and Alibaba. The tech giant introduced ‘Anthos Migrate’ in beta version, which auto migrates virtual machines from their own data centres, or other clouds providers, directly into containers in Google Kubernetes Engine, with less effort.

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