Blue Pillar Builds IoT Coalition Channel Program

Blue Pillar, IoT

Blue Pillar, an IoT network solutions provider, has announced the launch of its Building Blocks Partnership Program, with over 30 new members.

“Blue Pillar believes that it will take an ecosystem of companies fuelled by the open collaboration to accelerate the adoption of new energy services and applications,” said Tom Willie, CEO of Blue Pillar.  Traditional connectivity in the energy space has been proprietary, application-specific networks installed to support a vendor application or equipment type leaving facility operators with data streams.

The BBPP is categorized into two partnership categories: System Enablement and Solution Enablement. System Enablement partners are comprised of technology, installation, and communication services providers who are focused on the cost-effective building of facility-based IoT networks, while Solution Enablement partners comprise of value-added services and application providers who leverage these networks to create tangible benefits for C&I customers.

These solution providers cover the spectrum of energy management, demand response, distributed energy resource management, microgrids, energy efficiency, and centralized facility management.

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