SIOS: Simple, cost-effective application availability for AWS EC2 

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Enterprises choose the cloud for costs, efficiencies and the agility to deliver enterprise decisions, in most cases. Service interruptions and the resultant business downtime could not only damage your business process but also a hard-won market reputation. An automated solution that detects incidences before any business damage is done, and also helps to resolve them real-time, is often the best solution for this situation.

Moreover, even though migrating to the cloud is a good strategy, cloud vendors do not always offers SLAs and management tools that will help manage situations of service downtime or technical disruptions. When application downtime is a reality for a business, there needs to be a solution that helps eliminate the complexity of managing servers in a traditional, on-premises data center.

With automated tools that can pre-empt and detect system impairment, a business can have a healthy opportunity to gain much better market traction. If this can be achieved at an optimized cost and efficiency levels, that’s an advantage all businesses need. An automated solution would not only help mitigate the incidents but also assure zero disruption for service availability of the business. Such a solution would go beyond merely monitoring the process, and deliver holistic business value, with cost efficiencies and much higher service capabilities than a manual remedy.

The SIOS AppKeeper is a SaaS solution for service interruptions and downtime on the cloud. It is a cost-effective automated solution that preempts system impairment ensures almost complete business continuity and no service downtime. It has been proven to on an average, deliver reduced intervention of DevOps and Engineering for enabling the monitoring and remediation by 75%, at a modest cost of US$40/instance/per month for the SIOS AppKeeper monthly subscription, with a free 90 days trial period.

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