Want to Get the Most from a Hyperconverged Infrastructure? Pay Attention to Your Data Protection Strategy  

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Research indicates that global sales of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions will top $17 billion by 2023, a 33% five-year compound annual growth rate.1 The popularity of HCI is due to the technology’s ability to help organizations reduce Capex and Opex, increase return on investment, enhance agility, speed deployment, ensure scalability and provide a more reliable, secure and available set of IT services.

But achieving the many benefits of HCI can become elusive if organizations don’t pay sufficient attention to modernizing their data protection strategy. Critical data must be available whenever it is needed and wherever it resides, not only for obvious operational and financial reasons, but certainly for regulatory and legal requirements too. This makes data protection and availability essential to any move to HCI. “The simple start-up experience makes HCI evaluations go very smoothly,” notes industry analyst firm Storage Switzerland.2 “The problem is this simplicity tempts the IT professional not to be as careful as they might be with the design of the architecture.” And data protection is an often overlooked and underappreciated part of the equation.

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