SAP Experts Podcast Episode 8: Spinoff  

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Welcome to the SAP Experts Podcast -Spinoff. With this episode I want to introduce and add an new label and a little bit different piece and format to the SAP Experts Podcast which will co- exist with the future episodes of the classic format that you already and hopefully love by now.

The reason: We at SAP have many different Podcasts which differ a lot in format, style, content and length. Many of them are purely internal podcasts, that are not available to the public.

But from time to time, those internal podcasts generate episodes where it would be a shame to keep them internal because they would be certainly also interesting for public audiences.

One of those internal Podcasts that generate such episodes is “The Cast” by Mike Fecek. Mike is Global Director for Presales Solutions at SAP and his Supply Chain Solution Hub consists of product and industry experts that develop cutting edge solutions for any SAP customer that earns his or her money by actually producing or moving things.

So with this I want to give Mike and his colleagues a platform to publish interesting content from their pool, while the Experts Podcast episodes you are used to will of course continue to be released as usual.

Since the cast consists of episodes which are a bit shorter in duration than what you are used from me, we packed two Cast episodes back to back into this format, starting with “Project Intelligence Network” before Mike will talk about “Predicting Asset Health and avoiding failure”. Great stuff you don’t want to miss. So I will hand the stage of this episode over to Mike Fecek and “The Cast”. Here at the SAP Experts Podcast “Spinoff”.

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