SAP Experts Podcast Episode 26: Authentic Leadership  

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Not only in a working relations, Leadership is a topic which affects anybody be if you are in the position to lead others, or others lead you. Even though we are talking mostly about enterprise applications in this podcast … and this industry, it is undisputed that the way key functions do their job probably affects enterprise success even more than bits and bytes.

Leadership might be a hot discussed topic, leadership gurus like Simon Sinek might be omnipresent and whenever you see some shared wisdoms from them you can be sure it got at least one hundred likes on social media, but still in many cases on the one hand not the best leaders but the best experts are promoted into leadership positions and do more harm than good, and on this other side those who have gotten into these position often think about “what have I done to myself” obviously being completely unprepared for “leadership”.

So lots of topics to discuss, since I have the pleasure to host Swen Heidenreich, who is Managing Director of Heidenreich Consulting, specializing in executive coaching.

Because this is whats going to happen here, on this episode of the SAP Experts Podcast.

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