SAP Experts Podcast Episode 22: Are You Experienced?  

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Today’s guest is promising fun for several reasons: “Radio Personality become Customer Experience Expert" Steven Spears, who is Global Program Manager for SAP CX and also uses his skill from his former being as a radio star to create and host the "Future of Customer Engagement & Experience Podcast”.

So what we did was to do something new. You can surely find a lot of interesting podcast resources covering the topic of experience management in a very competent way. But Steve and I dialed up once late evening, opened a beer and talked about the sometimes very abstract topic of Experience Management being two guys with flesh and blood, a language that you surely will understand and will help you to demystify the world of Experience Management. Buckle up for a “bit different” episode full of personal insights, storytelling, information and lot of laughs, because that’s what’s going to happen on Episode 22 of the SAP Experts Podcast.

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