SAP Experts Podcast 16: SAP S/4HANA, Cloud and Projects  

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Before we go into Christmas break, we have not one guest but two guests for you. First, we welcome back for her second visit Ms. Saskia Fontanive of innovabee, who became prominent because of her successful high-speed S/4HANA Cloud implementations. And second, it’s great to have Mr. Jan Gilg who was responsible for the other extreme: The internal S/4HANA implementation at SAP. Additionally, Jan is now as Senior Vice President directly responsible for any S/4HANA related development, and reports directly to the board, so we will get very interesting insights about our Cloud and future S/4HANA strategy.

Furthermore, this episode is where we end for 2019, because I will go now into the Christmas break. So I want to say thank you very much to all my listeners and guests of the episodes of 2019 and I want to give a special thank you very much to Yulia Molokova, Axel Vetter, Richard Strattner Jr. Melanie Machold and all the others supporting me to make this edgy little podcast possible. When I had the idea to start something like this podcast, I was pretty confident that it would find some interested listeners, but I did not expect it to become a global TOP20 tech podcast within such a short time. I am still amazed and humbled and feel deep dedication to continue and improve this format for you even further.

I will be back in early January 2020 with new episodes the backlog is full, and I am really looking forward to welcome you back as listeners, but now let’s start with this Christmas edition, featuring Saskia Fontanive and Jan Gilg here, at the SAP Experts Podcast.

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