SAP Experts Podcast 15: The World of Analytics  

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Lately there was some interesting story in tech news. For the third year in a row, the board of a Californian giant in the world of enterprise applications rejected a shareholder proposal for the company to release data about how much women are paid at the company relative to men.

While many tech companies incl. SAP have provided disclosures around gender pay equity issues and committed to closing pay gaps, this one tech company has continued to refuse to do so because, as they stated, it would be “costly and time consuming!”.

That is quite astonishing because, if this company misses the data transparence to dig this information quickly and cost-effective, they need the capabilities of SAP’s analytics portfolio and today’s guest definitely could help. Mr. Mohamed Abdel Hadi, Vice President for Product Management Analytics at SAP will give us his personal spin and his insights into the world of analytics.

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