SAP Experts Podcast Episode 12: Tangible Innovation  

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Basically, turning people’s heads by talking about innovation is easy.

Invent some fancy title for yourself which should ideally contain the words “Innovation”, “Digitalisation” or in the best case “Alchemist” and, very important, dress up like a hipster. That adds credibility.

Then you look up youtube for the latest TED Talks and you will be able to reel off the fancy inventions and cloud castle and hope the whole linkedin community will cheer for you.

Well, unfortunately at times it happens to be like that and that’s not good because it takes the substance out of the topic since you forget the most important aspect how true innovation at the customer can be ignited. It should be individual, approachable and tangible. If your inno cases do not touch the individual situation and strategy of the customer, you failed. And you are doing more harm than help.

So lets bring the substance back and put an emphasis on the aspect of tangibility. That’s why I invited somebody who does not only talk about innovation, but also takes care that it is sparked, realized and implemented at awesome customers like Porsche Motorsport. He makes his hands dirty he is Mr. Timo Deiner, the “Innovation Guy”.

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