SAP Experts Podcast Episode 10: Build your case for S/4HANA  

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If you remember Episode 8 of our podcast series featuring the right approach to S/4HANA, Uwe Grigoleit told about the Viessmann case. Viessmann, an international manufacturer heating, industrial and refrigeration systems, had a quite clear case to move to S/4HANA. Inventory savings in two-digit millions as a result of an ERP transformation to S/4HANA made the path for a fast decision to do the Move.

But of course, not in all cases, it is easy as that. Imagine a typical approach to S/4HANA. While pitches mostly cover the general benefits, which is ok for a first approach, you have to second that with an individual option. The customer wants to know what’s in for him individually and that’s where an answer within modern process architectures of the 21st century is not so easily given when manually approached. It’s all about questions on which you could spent months.

That’s why SAP offers you intelligent tools that do that work for you. And today I am very pleased to have the man here in Walldorf whose team is behind those great tools like the Business Scenario Recommendations Report and the Pathfinder, Mr. Wassilios Lolas who is as Vice President and Global Head of Customer Value Experience responsible for smoothening your path to become an intelligent enterprise. Let’s welcome him here at the SAP Experts Podcast

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