The 2020 Cloud Strategy Workbook  

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In the current business climate, you’re hard pressed to find an organisation that doesn’t put cloud at the centre of its IT transformation efforts. But without a holistic cloud strategy in place, transformation can stall, costs can spiral and your organisation could face added complexity and risk.

As many organisations have found, just lifting and shifting workloads to the cloud doesn’t afford you the true benefits of cloud scale and flexibility. That’s why laying the foundation for your cloud environment must begin with careful evaluation and documentation of your overall cloud strategy.

Through years of experience working with customers, we have a deep understanding of the five critical elements that define a cloud strategy:
1. Business review
2. Cloud review
3. Foundational principles
4. Roles
5. Financial considerations

In this e-book, you’ll learn how to address each of these elements, while gaining access to templates and examples that will guide you on your journey.

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