The ROI of Sales Planning Analytics  

Increase Landing Page Conversions A sales function is fraught with uncertainties- companies and their sales team must try to control the uncertainties, and strive to reduce the variables to a bare minimum - to be able to strategize.

To support them, sales forecasts need to work across dimensions- consider and quantify external, internal and unpredictable factors. Planning analytics can help them analyze vast data- historical win rates, market trends and many other variables- to strategize for a best in class plan.

They need the greatest forecast accuracy to organize goals and the paths to reach them. Clearly, these forecasts have a cascading effect on the entire organization’s plan - revenues, resources, and production -every single part of the process.

Using planning analytics and incorporating it into sales forecasting assures a higher chance of meeting goals- a vital support for the entire organization. This also helps them improve the sale performance and sustain it - year after year- carving a growth path.

Sales have now evolved to become a sophisticated function that can no longer work on conjectures. With sales planning analytics tools, it is possible to plan for organization wide success and growth.

Good sales strategies entail managing unknowns and mitigating risks, adopting planning analytics can provide a much higher chance at success.

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