The ROI of Sales Planning Analytics  

Increase Landing Page Conversions IBM presents its Planning Analytics guided demo to build a book for revenue planning. The book will provide guidelines to adjust product units, perform what-if analysis, and understand the impact of changes and strategies on the overall income statement, automating plans, analysis, and reports to drive efficiency. It will then help to explore and visualize insights from internal and external data and understand what is driving your business and provide insights into forecasts that adapt to changing business conditions.

IBM Planning Analytics is a fast, flexible, and preferred analytical solution that organizations use to future-proof decisions. This analytical tool incorporates complete in-depth evaluation to test alternative assumptions to create timely, reliable plans putting insights to actionable strategies. In this demo, the user plays the role of a financial planner who needs to create a book for product guided by the smart inputs provided by the IBM Planning Analytics tool. Planning analytics allows users to explore and visualize insights from internal and external data to understand what is driving the business. Then, intelligently incorporating these insights into plans that anticipate the future with confidence.

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