Value proposition  

Increase Landing Page Conversions Many businesses want to learn more about and capitalise on cloud opportunities. But the landscape is difficult to navigate, and it is hard to find the right solution to fit specific business needs - whether the business is looking for a safe stepping-stone to cloud or going all-in with hybrid cloud. Lenovo is the only vendor with a range of end-to-end cloud solutions to fit every business stage, every workload type and every preference. This makes Lenovo the ideal cloud partner for businesses who want real choice and the right-fit solution.

Lenovo and TBT are creating a cloud campaign that builds awareness and generates leads for Lenovo cloud solutions. Campaign messaging will guide prospects to (1) understand their cloud options, (2) compare and know which Lenovo solution is right for their needs and (3) know why Lenovo is best for cloud. Lead generation activities will capture leads for niche Lenovo hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) purposebuild On Demand solutions, which underline Lenovo’s ability to give customers more of the choices they need. The core asset is an easy-to-use microsite, which brings every Lenovo cloud option together in one place and guides customers to relevant solutions.

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