Worldwide Storage for Cognitive/AI Workloads Forecast,2018–2022  

Increase Landing Page Conversions The future of enterprise storage is not just feeds and speeds, but intelligence and self-management lead to self-configurable, self-healing, and self-optimizing storage. Predictive analytics and artificial intelligence will enable companies to sharply reduce downtime and ensure optimal application performance, essentially switching from "firefighter mode" to a more proactive IT strategy.

Intelligent applications based on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and continual deep learning (DL) are the next wave of technology transforming how consumers and enterprises work, learn, and play. While data is at the core of the new digital economy, it's about how you sense the environment and manage the data from edge to core to cloud, how you analyze it in near real time, learn from it, and then act on it to affect outcomes. IoT, mobile devices, big data, machine learning, and cognitive/artificial intelligence all combine to continually sense and collectively learn from an environment. What differentiates winning organizations is how they leverage that to deliver meaningful, value-added predictions and actions for personalized life efficiency/convenience, improving industrial processes, healthcare, experiential engagement, or any enterprise decision making.

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