How LOB leaders turn content into a business advantage  

Increase Landing Page Conversions As disruption and hypercompetition take hold across virtually every industry, you can’t be “good enough” and just keep up; nearly half of the S&P 500 will disappear over the next decade*.

This research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services examines how LOB leaders create business value by digitally transforming their processes. Through deep interviews with companies in the midst of driving transformation, this white paper will share how these leaders created tangible business impacts and helped their companies grow.

Uncover these leaders' secrets to tackling some of today's key challenges such as:

  • Having a centralized place to share content internally and with outside vendors
  • Helping their finance departments interact with other departments through the digitization of content management
  • Getting people to transition how they work—such as not sending attachments in email, for example—is far more difficult at scale



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