Digital Age Networking in Enterprises  

Increase Landing Page Conversions Digital age technologies that help improve efficiency are being adopted by the business world at an increasing rate. To achieve a competitive advantage, enterprises need to integrate the latest mobility, data analytics, cloud and IoT digital innovations into their operations, processes and computing systems. This trend, known as digital transformation, enables organizations to create more efficient processes, differentiate products and services, and better satisfy the needs of customers and employees, while increasing revenues and reducing costs. Companies and institutions embarking on a path toward digital transformation understand that their network infrastructure is the fundamental enabler of this evolution. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise develops network technology and solutions that help businesses achieve and harness the benefits of their digital transformation.

The latest evolutions in mobility, the Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics, are directly impacting network infrastructures, and driving enterprises to reconsider their network technology choices. Legacy infrastructures are often unable to securely and efficiently support new use cases and business scenarios based on cloud native applications and the massive number of IoT devices in use. Adoption of applications, and IoT-based digital processes, is happening at an unprecedented scale and speed. Manual and static network configurations can no longer address the demand making the need to move to a 21st century network automation imperative.

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