Cybercrime Report: 10 Trends Through 2020  

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Cybercrime is big business today—the World Economic Forum estimates its value at trillions of dollars each year 1 and characterizes its impact 2 as:

  • Similar to that of a natural disaster
  • Greater than that of a man-made environmental disaster and more likely to happen

Among the factors driving the growth and impact of cybercrime are an unprecedented level of collaboration among nation states and increased cooperation among attackers generally. Meanwhile, defensive technologies and approaches continuously improve, forcing attackers to become more organized and sophisticated, and make increased use of techniques like island hopping.

We also expect cloud jacking to become more widespread as attackers target the cloud and hybrid infrastructures many organizations rely on today. And we anticipate a continued shift toward financial gain as the primary motivator of most attacks, with a parallel decline in focus on the theft of intellectual property (IP) and customer information.

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