The State of SMB and IT today  

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Small and medium-sized enterprises are a huge part of the modern economy, accounting for about 99 per cent of Swiss businesses and two-thirds of job creation. In this report we look specifically at companies with 100 to 499 staff. These midsized businesses continue to be powered by the entrepreneurs and dreamers who want to build tomorrow’s business powerhouses or, alternatively, retain command of their own fortunes without the responsibilities and distractions of being a large enterprise. These companies have traditionally succeeded by focusing on niche opportunities or serving local markets but in today’s digitising, globalising world, IT is a huge and growing part of their ability to compete.

To find out more about how companies are taking advantage of information technology, Dell Technologies commissioned IDG to conduct a survey of over 1,500 respondents across 11 European countries and South Africa. The resulting numbers suggest that these organisations are already making good use of IT tools to improve their competitiveness and are planning to deploy emerging technologies in future. But they also point to the fact that midsize firms are facing a series of challenges in managing and maintaining their IT estates and often struggle with information security, costs, hiring and keeping staff, competition from startups and increasing regulations that impact data management.

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