ZoomInfo Announces Acquisition of Chorus for US$575 Million

ZoomInfo Announces Acquisition of Chorus for US_575 Million-01

ZoomInfo Technologies, a provider of go-to-market cloud software, has announced the acquisition of Chorus.ai for US$575 million in an all-cash transaction. ZoomInfo said that by incorporating Chorus’ technology into its platform, it will obtain middle-of-the-funnel intelligence, which will complement the company’s existing top-of-the-funnel capabilities.

ZoomInfo said in a press release, “As Chorus recognizes meeting invitees and participants and listens for their sentiments, motivations, and concerns, ZoomInfo will further enrich the profile of each member with detailed contact and company intelligence. By integrating keyword trackers from Chorus into ZoomInfo, revenue teams will also be able to create audiences based on insights from conversations, flag deals and renewals that could be in jeopardy, and trigger alerts to address concerns in real time.”

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