Zip Introduces Renewal Features to Its Procurement Management Software

Zip-Introduces Renewal-Features-to-Its-Procurement-Management-Software
Zip-Introduces Renewal-Features-to-Its-Procurement-Management-Software

Greenbax Inc., a start up in procurement management that operates under the name Zip, has enhanced its software with a renewal feature that notifies procurement and IT managers in advance of upcoming renewals and automates the renewal of licences and contracts.

By allowing customers to opt out of automatic renewals and averting unforeseen contract expirations, Zip claimed that the feature helps businesses save money and experience less disruption. Its automated alerts can be configured to send users notifications of impending renewal dates via email and collaboration software programmes like Slack from Slack Technologies Inc.

Additionally, Zip announced that it had attained SOC 1 Type 2 certification, demonstrating that its clients have the necessary safeguards in place to fulfil their Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance obligations. Founded in 2020, Zip streamlines the provisioning of software and services and has raised more than $80 million in venture capital funding.

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