White House Initiates Regulatory Principles to Control AI Usage

AI Usage

The White House proposes some regulatory principles to command the development of AI and its usage. It is focussed on limiting the authorities from reaching out too far to avoid specific bold approaches. Many companies are competing to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning in their systems. In some cases, tech implantations cause ethical concerns regarding privacy, cyber-security, system control, etc. 

Many U.S. states have already talked about the troubles regarding AI applications. The U.S. administration mentioned that they would like to promote and use trustworthy AI that considers safety, transparency, non-discrimination, and more. White House officials said that that the agencies must conduct a risk assessment, along with cost-benefit analyses before any regulatory action on artificial intelligence. It will help to establish flexible frameworks instead of one-size-fits-all policies.

Source: https://in.reuters.com/article/us-tech-ces-ai-white-house/white-house-proposes-regulatory-principles-to-govern-ai-use-idINKBN1Z60GL

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