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Volkswagen Witnesses Amazon-built ‘Industrial Cloud’ as Future B2B Marketplace

By ET Bureau - July 24, 2020 1 Mins Read

Volkswagen being Europe’s largest automaker, is smoothly expanding its cloud-based software and data portal. It is targeting to develop and expand into an industry-wide marketplace for industrial applications, the company confirmed on Thursday.

VW’s ‘industrial cloud" is designed in partnership with Amazon Web Services as it eventually links with more than 120 VW factories globally, connecting with the automaker’s 1,500 suppliers along with their 30,000 plants.

VW has opened the portal to the primary group of supplier partners, led by Siemens AG. Those partners are expected to effectively contribute software applications to be shared with Volkwagen and among themselves, in what the automaker proclaimed as “an App Store approach.”

The portal is designed as a place to exchange software and data to accelerate the digitalization of factory processes from painting to stamping to machinery maintenance, confirmed Nihar Patel, VW’s executive VP for strategic core projects.

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