Verizo And Dreamscape To Invent VR Applications Utilizing MEC And 5G

Verizo and Dreamscape to Invent VR Applications Utilizing MEC and 5G

Verizon and Dreamscape Immersive recently declared to collaborate with planning to innovate virtual reality (VR) utilization by employing 5G and mobile edge computing (MEC).

The partnership will prioritize focusing on 5G immersive-learning and training innovations for application in the public sector, enterprise, and education settings. Verizon and Dreamscape will build a dedicated innovation lab to design 5G- and MEC-enabled VR-learning applications to expedite these advances.

While Dreamscape’s official 5G innovation associate, Verizon, has acquired an equity stake in Dreamscape by Verizon Ventures, entering a list of Dreamscape partners and investors over various sectors, including education, government, and entertainment.

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