Us-China Trade War Impacts Sellers on Amazon

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The series of tariffs imposed by the United States on Chinese goods has impacted both U.S. and China-based Amazon, vendors. But U.S. sellers are taking a bigger hit to their sales, according to data from cross-border e-commerce analytics company SellerMotor. The gap has widened since the round of tariffs on Chinese goods announced in the summer of 2018 by the Trump administration.

For this particular data set, SellerMotor analyzed 480,000 SKUs from Chinese sellers and 17.9 million from U.S. sellers. In July 2018, a U.S. tariff on $34 billion in Chinese goods went into effect. That month, Chinese vendors’ sales grew 174% year-over-year, while U.S. sellers saw a 124% increase. As the tariff war between China and the U.S. intensified that summer, however, U.S. and China-based both sellers saw their growth stall, with U.S. sellers coping with a bigger impact.

In September 2018, when the U.S. placed a 25% tariff on $50 billion in Chinese goods, plus a 10% tariff on $200 billion in Chinese goods, U.S. sellers saw their year-over-year sales growth slow down to 54%, compared Chinese sellers’ sales growth of 111%.

According to SellerMotor’s data, U.S.-based Amazon sellers have seen their year-over-year monthly sales decrease every month since November 2018. By March 2019, when a 25% tariff was placed on $250 billion in Chinese goods, Chinese vendors’ year-over-year sales grew by 61%, but U.S. sellers saw their sales decrease by 3%.

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