U.S. Administration Curbs Export of AI Software

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U.S. Administration Curbs Export of AI Software

The U.S. government is putting a limitation on exporting artificial intelligence software, as a part of a bid to keep support sensitive tools and technologies away from powerful rivals like China. As part of the new rule, the U.S. companies that export AI-based and specific geospatial imagery software should have a license or apply for while shipping overseas, except for Canada.

It includes technologies regarding drones, sensors, and satellites that could be used for automation to identify targets for civilians and the military. The administration has sensed a fear of crackdown on the shipping of AI software and hardware. James Lewis, a technology expert, mentioned in a statement, “They want to keep American companies from helping the Chinese make better AI products that can help their military.”

Source: https://in.reuters.com/article/usa-artificial-intelligence/u-s-government-limits-exports-of-artificial-intelligence-software-idINKBN1Z21Q7

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