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Two Sigma Acquires Hivemind to Bolster Data-Driven Investing

By ET Bureau - August 25, 2022 1 Mins Read

Two Sigma Acquires Hivemind to Bolster Data-Driven Investing

In order to improve its data-handling capabilities, Two Sigma, a financial services company that specializes in data-driven quantitative investing, has announced the acquisition of the software platform from Hivemind Technologies.

The agreement’s terms weren’t made public. With the help of this agreement, Two Sigma hopes to improve the data engineering platform’s data preparation, data workflow, and machine learning capabilities. The business announced that it will incorporate Hivemind’s offering to gain the capacity to transform unstructured and semi-structured data sources into high-quality datasets that can be read by machines.

The integration will improve Two Sigma’s capacity to quickly ingest data and make better use of it for investment decision-making, claims the company. In fact, the company has been working for years to integrate more efficiency and accuracy into different parts of its data pipeline, including cleaning, mapping, and creating original datasets.

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