Tradeshift partners with Abreon to provide businesses tools for successful digital transformation

Tradeshift, Abreon, Supply chain payments, Supply chain management, Digital Transformation

Tradeshift is the leader in supply chain payments, and marketplaces have announced a partnership with Abreon, which is a leading change management consultancy. This partnership will help customers to effectively manage large scale technology adoption to create competitive advantages in the market. This partnership aims to provide clients with the tools they need to embrace technology adoption to foster success through growth initiatives. Basically, the partnership will ensure support organizations that do not have the personnel, time, skill sets, or tools necessary to manage a holistic company-wide change.

Embracing change management fosters agile, positive, resilient supply chains to allow organizations to effectively manage resistance and roadblocks. Both companies confirmed sharing the common goal of helping clients to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and achieve their business goals. This includes helping them adapt their workforce and operational processes to new solutions along each step of their implementation journey.

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