Tabnine Upgrades AI-Based Code-Writing Assistant for Developers

Tabnine Upgrades AI-Based Code-Writing Assistant for Developers

Tabnine, a company that creates an AI-powered assistant for software developers that predicts when code will be created for certain apps and fills in the gaps with relevant snippets, has released a new version of its time-saving application programming interface. 

The company, which operates on a freemium-plus-service provisioning business model, recently announced that its API has surpassed 1 million users in 2022. Tabnine has redesigned its AI models as well as how it integrates new models onto its platform. Tabnine now claims to be capable of supporting any suitable AI model for offering help to developers, as opposed to a monolithic approach that enforces a single AI model. 

The new financing will be used to speed up the development of Tabnine’s platform so that it can handle more AI models and programming languages later this year.

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