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Sterlite Technologies Plans to Expand Its Fiber Capacity

By ET Bureau - March 16, 2021 1 Mins Read

Sterlite Technologies Limited (STL) has recently announced it is planning to invest almost Rs. 300-crore in optical fiber cables for its 5G plans.

It will increase its capacity from 18 million to 33 million fiber km as the telecom service companies have leveled up their investments in the digital network infrastructure. This is followed by the widespread surge in data consumption in India amid the lockdown.

As explained by Anand Agarwal, CEO at STL group – “Optic-fibre cable holds a major share of telcos’ overall digital infrastructure investment. The demand is likely to grow to 20.08 million fiber kilometers by 2021 and 24.48 million fiber kilometers by 2022.”

Source: ETTelecom


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