Social robotics company Furhat buys Sphero spin-out company Misty Robotics

Social robotics company Furhat buys Sphero spin-out company Misty Robotics-01

Swedish social robotics company Furhat Robotics has offered Misty Robotics a gentle landing in what the Swedish company says is an all-cash deal. Furhat is tight-lipped about the financial details of the deal, but tells TechCrunch that the acquisition was designed to give Furhat a leg up on the hardware side, allowing it to leverage its social robotics software on new platforms.

The Furhat Robotics is planning to keep Misty Robotics’ Colorado home as the base for its U.S. operations, and is keeping eight of the most senior staff members of the company as it is finding ways to integrate the two technologies.

The companies claim they are operating from a “unified vision”, and say that Furhat Robotics will continue to support the Misty Robotics brand, helping develop and expand the product range, as well as integrating Furhat and Misty features to enhance future social robots.

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