Snapdragon Tech Summit By Qualcomm focuses on 5G AI Chips and Use Cases

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One of the significant launches in the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Tech Summit, was the company’s new 5G AI chips that will drive consumer demand for next-generation smartphones and devices.  Though 5G is a new entrant to mobile technologies, this was encouraging for OEMs and consumers.

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Qualcomm expects 5G to improve the VR/AR experience for its users. It expects to achieve 200 million 5G subscribers by 2020 end. It has been suggested that separate domains of 5G and AI will be connected and can lead to a complete convergence of on-device apps with cloud services.

Qualcomm President, Cristiano Amon noted- Over 230 5G devices are already either launched or in the development phase. He added, “5G will bring you a reliable, always-on connection to the cloud.”

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